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There's been two blog posts here that have gotten much ballyhoo the past few days. That's a pretty good return for being new to this niche of the blogosphere and really not on anyone's read lists yet. These Methobloggers and Facebookers are friendly and talkative folks!

So, what of mine blipped on the MethoRadars this week?

First, a satirical take on analyzing the mission holiness of seminary mission statements, got 29 comments and a ridiculous number of linkbacks of people writing about it:

Second, a serious take of a Freakonomics new motto for the USA ("Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay") and applying that motto to the United Methodist Church, landed not many comments, but rather a mention in UMNexus and further (and better discussion) and a linkback from John the Methodist.
A NEW MOTTO? Check out Rev. Jeremy Smith’s blog, “Hacking Christianity.” Smith takes the winner of a recent motto contest, “Our Worst Critics Prefer to Stay,” and applies it to the UMC, with some surprising results. One of the best Methodist blogs, “Locusts & Honey,” in referring readers to Smith’s blog, draws a cogent comment from Jeff the Baptist, just in time for General Conference. (By the way, look over “Locusts & Honey’s” excellent blogroll. Great mix of people and views!).
Not too shabby for my first two weeks, eh? In fact, these two pages alone accounted for 60.5% of my page views the past two days! Ha!

I'm sure writing a post self-congratulating myself won't go over well in the blogosphere. But as a pastor who rarely or only slowly sees the fruits of his labor, instant gratification is sometimes a welcome guest.

So, thanks to everyone! More new content tomorrow!


Nathan Mattox April 17, 2008 at 10:18 PM  

No shame in your game Jeremy--You've simply cut to the heart of blogging: Checking out who and how many give a %^&* about what you have to say! I'm just happy I'm linked on "America's next top bloggle." Right back atcha. Loved the seminary post by the way, I'll comment over there too, mkay?

Ann April 18, 2008 at 8:24 AM  

I think this is great Jeremy! Congrats ;-) Everyone needs daily doses of Jeremy-humor!

gavin richardson April 18, 2008 at 9:18 AM  

you touched a nerve with all those asbury seminary folks or it hit the people who care little for asbury. either way, that is a great brush stroke.

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