I see your Transformers redub...

I see John the Methodist's redub of Transformers, and raise him these redubs of the G.I.Joe PSAs that floated around a few years back. Oh, the memories.

There are two I've chosen to post, one before the jump and one after.

(youtube link)

(youtube link)

There are more if you check out the related videos on youtube. Be warned, though, that most of them have very naughty language, so perhaps preview them before you play them on the big screen at church...


Nathan Mattox April 19, 2008 at 11:39 PM  

I just made Lara watch the reggae one. Hahahahaha. She said, "I'm disturbed that you find that so funny."
On the GI Joe front, recently Wes and I watched the youtubed intro to the GI Joe movie. Now, we have a back and forth call--"Cooooobra......Cobraaaaaaaa!" in high pitched, off key glory.

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