What I'm Reading 04/12/2008

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    • 1. What gospel are we feeding kids?

      She says that a lot of what students are fed is a guilt based gospel—what Dallas Willard calls the “gospel of sin management.” Powell compared it to a diet of Red Bull. It’s fast, energetic, and easy, but not very nourishing. And after the rush is over you deflate. We’ve fed students a gospel of rights and wrongs, but nothing nourishing that they can internalize and grow from. No wonder they fall away shortly after graduation. The buzz is over.
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    • Uh, even though this is a ridicuolous show, I really don't see this as an attack on the Jews. It's a parallel to Jerry Springer. The crowd chanting "Sammy" the woman rushing the stage and being held back by security. This is a play on talk shows in general, not an anti-jewish segment. Even all that said, still a waste of 3 minutes of my life. - post by umjeremy
    • Christian TV: "Bibleman" vs. a New York Jew


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