Five Hardest Video Game Levels [Nerd Alert]

It's friday, my weekend is REALLY busy, so what am I doing? I'm blogging about video games, like most pastors do. Right?

Anyway, MSNBC has the top 5 hardest video game levels. Check it out. Dude, they only got one right in my opinion: Mike Tyson's punchout. The rest? Lame. The hardest games ever made can be found on the original Nintendo, not new pansy ones with glitzy graphics.

For a nerdy moment (though if you are of my generation, you grew up with these games), here's my top five hardest levels in video games. I was a Nintendo junkie, so deal with it.

5) Super Mario Sunshine, Tower Minigame (Gamecube)

  • There's quite a few levels in Sunshine that were very difficult! I'm thinking mostly of the minigame where you have to jump from floating spinning block to disintegrating block, like the one on top of the tower (where you rocket all the way up to it, not the one on top of town hall). I only played this in the past year, so it is on my mind.

4) Street Fighter, Fight against Sagat (Super Nintendo)
  • In StreetFighter for the Super Nintendo, you would hit the boss characters at random times, and each character got harder the later in the round you got. If I was playing and hadn't hit Sagat yet, then I knew I was gonna be taken out. Sagat would take some hits, but was always able to come out of his fireballs in time to tiger uppercut me. Always tough, and always satisfying to win.
3) Super Mario World, Tubular (Super Nintendo)
  • There are no words. You just had to have perfect timing. Beyond that...nope, no words.

2) Ghosts and Goblins (Nintendo)
  • The entire game is one dang level! No continues, and it was REALLY TOUGH! EXCLAMATION POINT AND SHOUTING! Also, whenever your character jumped, you could not change direction or anything in midair (though for a guy in a suit of armor to jump, I guess that's realistic). But, seriously, I broke many controllers playing this game, before becoming a pastor made me calm and serene.

1) Battletoads, Speedbike Level (Nintendo).
  • ALL TIME HARDEST LEVEL. Couple that with limited continues and that it is so late in the game, I rarely beat it. But by then since my lives were so low, I never beat the game. It's my one failure as a Nintendo power player. Yes, it still hurts. Sigh.
  • Seriously, check out this quote from Wikipedia: "Battletoads for the NES has a reputation as being virtually impossible to finish, even among hardcore gamers." Dang right!
  • Close second is the clinger-winger stage where you are being chased by the glowing orb thingy.

What was the hardest level from a video game for you? And don't say Tetris! :-)


Anonymous,  December 13, 2008 at 12:36 AM  

i totally agree with the ghosts' n goblins! i too broke many remotes with this horrific game. just downloaded it on my Wii and STILL (23 years later) cant get past the red flying demons on the 2nd stage! i hate 'em i hate 'em i HATE 'EM!!!

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