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    • Unbelieveably age-ist. And I apologize in advance. But still a bit funny. Don't hate me, people older than this "young" clergyperson. - post by umjeremy
    • The Chocolate Chip Cookie is younger than John McCain.

      OK, this is an odd one. Apparently, the chocolate chip cookie has not been around since the dawn of time. It did not evolve from anything, nor was it hanging down from the forbidden tree (or whatever it’s called) in the Garden of Eden. It was, in fact, invented in 1937 by Ruth Graves Wakefield of Whitman, Massachusetts, who ran the Toll House Restaurant.

      So this classic staple and friend of milk lovers everywhere is actually younger than John McCain.
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    • Interesting "insiders" take on a failed church plant. - post by umjeremy
    • here are some of the things we were told along the way that I just don’t agree with anymore, whether or not I did back then. Some were said directly, some just implied. And the folks that I read them from or heard them from - I really respect them, their lives, their churches. But I know these ways are not my way. Not then, and even more so now.

      It’s all about Sunday.

    • If it’s not working, your signage or location is wrong
    • What counts is attendance, baptisms and signups for membership class
    • For the first two years, work as hard as you can without burning out
    • The goal of every pastor is to be full-time, paid
    • Some people are just scaffolding people
    • Gather a crowd first, figure out who the disciples are later


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