Daily Read 06/10/2008

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    • Personally, I love the AmericaLand section...ha! - post by umjeremy
    • Mapofheaven
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    • Hmm, any help to this guy on the origins of the Apostle's Creed? - post by umjeremy
    • Scripture is clear from the verses above that God give Jesus the power to judge. But then Jesus seems to throw a crazy twist into the whole thing.

      John 12:47 - “As for the person who hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge him. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save it.

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    • Oh noes! The Internets have defeated us!....or people are looking for specific paths, not just the basics. Remember: we ARE in post-Christendom!! - post by umjeremy
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    • ...No wonder we
      feel disconnected from God: we are rarely able to give Him our full
      attention in solitude and silence. Thoughtful reflection is constantly
      sabotaged by the intrusion of cell phones, pagers and e-mail messages.
      No wonder our human relationships are so unsatisfying as they get
      reduced to snippets of interrupted, disembodied phone conversation.
      What feels like convenience is actually robbing us of those things we
      value most. We are left with bits and pieces of everything rather than
      experiencing the full substance of anything."
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    • Let me just say, if you're in ministry, and your find yourself seething at the grace of God others are enjoying, it's time to hang up your hat.
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    • Good behind-the-scenes look at Colbert, the kingmaker. - post by umjeremy
    • Since falling while running around his "C"-shaped desk and breaking his wrist, he's advocated "wrist awareness" by selling "WristStrong" bracelets. All proceeds go to the Yellow Ribbon Fund to assist injured service members and their families.

      When asked how long he plans to keep wearing the band and stick with the joke, Colbert turned more serious than at any other point in our conversation. He replied firmly, "Not until the war is over."


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