Today I have two things to share:

First, I'm sorry for the Starfish article being late. It was written, and as you see on my sidebar, I publish my posts. It was set for noon...I thought. I came home, and it was set for midnight. Sigh. So, it's published now (11:30pm EST). Enjoy!

Second, here's a verbatim conversation with the wise-crackin' grocery checker.

me: Hey, how are ya?

him: Oh, it's another day in paradise (shakes his head)...standing at this register watching everyone through the window enjoy the sunshine.

me: Yeah, sorry to hear that.

him: I'm glad! (stares at me intently)

me: Uh...ok.

him: What about you? How are you, today? (still staring intently)

me: Me? I'm just lovin' the Lord! (haha, funny response, eh?)

him: I'm Jewish. (smiles, goes back to sacking groceries)

me: ............great! (fully knowing he got me)

ten minutes later, here's what I should have said

me (channeling Owen Wilson from Meet the Parents): You are Jewish? Oh, just like JC! Right on!
Note to self:
  • never pull the "just lovin' the Lord" response in a predominantly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. Probably not gonna be the right audience.
  • And you will never be as quick on your witty feet as you used to be. Sigh.
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Rev. Sonja June 26, 2008 at 5:55 PM  

That is sooo funny! I love when you tell on yourself, it makes me feel better about the stupid mistakes I make.

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