Two fun things for a Saturday morning

Here's two fun things for a Saturday morning...

  1. Go to google, search for anything you want.  See the layout?
  2. Now, go back to google, and search for "gay" or "gay pride" or "gay rights"
  3. Enjoy the colors!  
  4. Too many steps?  Sigh...just click here to see!
Second fun thing:
  1. Go to "James Dobson doesn't speak for me" website.
  2. Read it.
  3. Read the testimonials.
  4. Sign it.
  5. My comment?  "Seriously, the man has condemned people using Leviticus for decades...and then criticizes another for using Leviticus once?  Dr. Dobson speaks out of both sides of his mouth, and does not speak for me."
Then get on with your life.  But you will feel a little bit better today, I guarantee!


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