Need Help Hacking the Apostle's Creed

At my church this summer, we are hacking the Apostle's Creed.  Yep.

Several in the church mentioned they were interested in a series on the Apostle's Creed, because we don't use it every Sunday, and we don't know if we believe every word of it.  And when people tell their pastor they want a sermon series, you bet it will happen!

So in addition to much inspiration from The Apostle's Creed for Today by Gonzalez, I'm looking for updated versions (parodies or not) of the Apostle's Creed for inspiration.  Something like what NERDS have done to the Lord's Prayer (I know there's a LOLcats version somewhere too)

Our sysadmin, who chills in Heaven,
feared be thy name.
Thy pwnage come, thy scripts be done in /earth as it is in /heaven.
Seed us this day our daily ROMs.
Forgive us our n00b exploits as we forgive script kiddies that hax0r against us.
Reveal to us not 0 day vulns, but save us from RIAA.
For thine is the network, and the rm -rf /, and all our base are belong to you, forever and ever.
Any help?  Thanks in advance.


Anonymous,  July 8, 2008 at 8:50 AM  

This might be useful:

Rev Graysox,  July 9, 2008 at 2:30 PM  

You may have already looked at this one, The Life We Claim: The Apostles' Creed for preaching, teaching and worship by James Howell, pastor at Myers Park UMC in Charlotte. I'm kind of a fan of anything he does.

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