Star Wars Mashups for Breakfast

One of the greatest "hacks" that youtube has encouraged is mashups: where you make trailer-sized versions of movies set to a contemporary song.  One of the best for nerds proficient at this thing, of course, is Star Wars.  Their mix of action and tender droid-lovin' makes for good music videos!

Here's my seven favorites (two before the jump, five after):

(1) Anakin: The Man in Black (set to Hurt by Johnny Cash, covering the original NIN song).  It's just perfect. 

(2) Bring Me To Life (set to the song of the same name by Evanescence).

(3) The Unforgiven (set to the song by the same name by Metallica).  Won't let me embed it, click the link.  Long and drawn out...but since it's Metallica, you knew that already.

(4) It's My Life (set to the song by the same name by Bon Jovi). I could watch the first 45 seconds all day.

(5) How to Save a Life (set to the song of the same name by the Fray)

(6) Star Wars of a Down (set to Chop Suey by System of a Down) Kinda repetitive scenes, but the way he syncs

(7) I walk alone (set to Boulevard of Broken Dreams by Green Day and some Oasis song). It won't let me embed it, but it was really creative


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