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I've been reading through Wikiklesia and thoroughly enjoying the various articles found within. What's the newest nugget? I'm glad you asked! 

In Wikiklesia, Greg Glatz writes about the consumeristic nature of Church worship when it comes to technology.

Mega-church sanctuaries are an embarrassment of riches compared to the gyms and auditoriums of public schools in North America...the Church needs to adopt a creative rather than consumptive approach to technology.
"The Perfect Mix" page 109
To that end, instead of buying technology for the sake of technology, perhaps churches should reconsider what function technology serves in worship.  He suggests a model called EPIC.  From the same article:
The creative interweaving of theology and technology needs to be EPIC: Experiential, Participatory, Image-rich, and Connective.  In other words, the church should draw from theology and technology to create experiences which invite participation around images that build connections.
"The Perfect Mix" page 110
That's an interesting concept that I'm trying out with my church leadership today: how do we create experiences which invite participation around images that build connections?

Thoughts on this model?  Is it just too ambiguous to be helpful, or is it a neat starting point that can help us better rationale (a) what forms our worship take and (b) what role does technology play in worship?

I'll let you know what my church thinks if you let me know your thoughts too!


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