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    • I appreciate this approach, but it falls short of critical historical facts about the compilation of the canon and the vividly human way of doing it. - post by umjeremy
    • Perhaps, rather than assuming that the difficulties are in the Bible to test our willingness to switch off the minds God gave us, and take a leap of faith (or of gullibility), it could be assumed instead that the difficulties are there to be taken seriously, to teach us.

      What we'd end up with is a Bible that can serve fundamentalists' kindergarten-level needs, but can also help readers get beyond kindergarten, even force us beyond it when the time was right, when we were old enough mentally and spiritually to read carefully and notice details.
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    • Fascinating. Methodism used to be likened to a virus that was a parasite to its host (the Anglican church). I wonder what the virus's virus is...[future blog post] - post by umjeremy
    • Prof La Scola and his colleagues were surprised to spot a smaller type of virus attached to the virus-making factory inside infected cells. The new virus - Sputnik - was unable to infect cells by itself but seemed to hijack the larger to achieve its infectious aims.
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    • Interesting short article on the intersection of spiritual and material help, which we've talked about at HX.net before. - post by umjeremy
    • The more deeply I looked, the more remarkable the whole intricate system seemed. Resource materials on home finances. Detailed instructions on storing food for unforeseen emergencies. Welfare farms and canneries. Employment centers and thrift stores. Storehouses that resembled supermarkets but without cash registers, because the goods on the well-stocked shelves could only be given away, not sold.


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