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From Beliefnet:
Christianity ... is always in need of re-simplifying, going back to its origins, ridding itself of the excessive superstructure it has acquired through history.
- José Comblin, Catholic theologian in Brazil 

In my kitchen there are six LAYERS of wallpaper.  When it gets muggy, you can see the walls sag a bit as the weight of all the layers pull at each other.  In some parts of the house, you can see the original wallpaper, just scratches here and there.  To expose the original wallpaper (or even the paint), we'd have to tear the pieces off slowly and steadily.

In a simple phrase from Fr. Comblin, that encapsulates one mission of this website.
  • That's what the writings on Wikipedia are all about: removing the layers of bureaucracy to expose Christian opportunities and lay empowerment.
  • That's what the writings on starfish churches are all about: removing the layers of the hierarchy to expose Christian community
  • That what Hacking Christianity is all about: peeling back the layers and removing the wallpaper that covers up the truth and life of the Christian faith.  
And if we have to tear down the walls to get at the heart of the Christian faith...we will.


blake August 12, 2008 at 9:36 AM  

such a great quote. i love it. i saw that yesterday and wanted to tweet it, but alas, it was more than 140 characters.

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