Upcoming Gas.hack?

I've gotten several readers asking my opinion on the "Free Gas" phenomenon where churches offer gas cards or supplement the cost of gas for a day as evangelism tactics.  Two responses.

  1. YES, very interested in this gimmick, and I've got a lot to say about it.
  2. BUT I'm swamped at the moment with church stuff and thus it's on the backburner.
I've been tinkering with a response piece to this since....well, the blogger date says 7/22, so maybe I should bust it out soon.
In the meantime, here's some links to chew on.  UMPortal beat me to the punch months ago, so read their article there
- It Keeps Getting Better
Also it's now on CNN and on Reuters as churches try out this evangelism strategy. Feel free to read these links then respond.
- Bless You and Here's some Gas
- Sex, blood, and gasoline

So check out those articles and consider this an open thread to discuss them. 
  • What are people's responses to churches offering free gas or gas cards or even supplementing the gas prices for a few hours?


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