The Love Poem [video]

We talk at about reconceptualizing Christian tenets and showing them in non-standard ways. 

For some, the following video may be a difficult pairing of Scripture with social issues. 

But watch this video.  It's called the Love Poem, based off of 1 Corinthians 13. (hat tip to Jeremy Hooper)

To know more about Proposition 8 in California, check out this link.

I don't really have any other commentary...the video either speaks to your beliefs or it doesn't.

But isn't it amazing to see a heartfelt vivid video...quoting nothing but Scripture that displays:

  • Minorities
  • Women
  • Interracial couple (I believe the second kissing couple is interracial..I could be wrong)
  • Gay couples

...All of which have been discriminated against using the Bible.  But they speak the words of the Love Poem, because, at least in the video, the Word still has meaning to them.

And the older gentleman at 1:15?
...With his voice breaking at the word "Hope"?
......Yeah.  Broke my heart too.

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