One Year Blogiversary!

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I missed Hacking Christianity's one year blogiversary.  And none of you got me champagne, so I assume that means (a) you know I'm a teetotaler, and (b) you didn't really care.

So one year ago last week, I started blogging.  Here's some statistics for this, my first year of blogging.

The Numbers
  • Total Blog Posts: 348 (yup, almost one per day)
  • Total Comments: 738
  • Number of subscribers (via RSS) is 193 (it fluctuates wildly but it's been in the mid 190's consistently)
  • Number of Twitter followers is 117.  (follow me on twitter)
  • My Technorati authority maxed out at 52 six months ago.  Today it is 32.
    • For reference...the Methoblog has an authority of 50 ...and my next milestone will be when I beat Richard Hall as his authority is 90.
  • Number of souls saved: uncountable.
The Buzz

Thanks for being on this new journey with me and all the community at Hacking Christianity.
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Rev. Sonja April 13, 2009 at 10:27 AM  

Much more successful than I, of course, you care much more than I. If I did almost a blog a day, it might be better. Alas! I lack discipline.

Richard Hall April 16, 2009 at 2:38 PM  

Congrats on your first blogiversary. I'll have some cake with you. Do you have any chocolate?

I hope you've got bigger ambitions than beating me, though. I've been blogging over 7 years and I'm still very much small fry in the ocean of blogging...

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