Stop Saying Stop

Meta-moment and giving into blog narcissism. Apologies in advance.

I've noticed that I use the term "STOP" a lot.  Check out these post titles:

  1. Stop Memorizing the Bible.
  2. Stop De-Baptizing Jesus
  3. Stop Converting 100 people
  4. Stop being a Masturbation Church (as yet unpublished for obvious reasons)
  5. Stop the Military Language in Committees
  6. Stop Being a Friendly Church
For being anti-hierarchical and anti-authority, I sure say "stop" a lot.  Huh.  Must be the hacker part of me that wants people to stop writing bad lines of code into the Christian system.

So just stop it already.  But until then, read through these bad.hacks (and a few mission.hacks) to see why these lines of thought hurt us and are, actually, easily excised.

Then just stop.

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