Jesus and the Nazi [art.hack]

An art.hack is the use of an artistic medium to show an alternative or contemporary understanding of the Christian message, often using dissonance.  Click here for a list of art.hacks.

Blogger and Pastor Eugene Cho posted the picture up for discussion on his blog here.

Thoughts?  What is evoked in you from this image?

::edit::  a commenter found the original work by Michael Belk, so here's the original


Matt Algren January 5, 2010 at 3:19 PM  

Cross-posted from over there. Thanks for the heads up!

* * *

I *love* this image. Certainly there's the carrying burdens image mixed with carrying the soldier's pack a second mile, but there are a few other "Easter Eggs":

* The rifle. Jesus has taken the Nazi soldier's weapon. Or is it that the soldier has given up his weapon to Jesus?

* The parable of the sower. The road is dry and cracked, the berm is covered with thorny bushes. A LOT of thorny bushes, mostly on the soldier's side of the road. Apparently Jesus has walked this road before with different results.

* The Nazi soldier's uniform. Swastika aside, it's perfectly pressed. His boots are shined so well there's a reflection in the left one. He's done his very best to clean himself up, and it hasn't been good enough.

* The Nazi soldier is about 3/4 of a step from being in step with Jesus, but slightly ahead.

* The shadow coming across the road indicates an incline in the Nazi soldier's favor. That is, Jesus has lowered himself to talk with this man.

* Notice how large the shadow of the Nazi soldier's right foot is, the step he's just about to take.

Fascinating. One of my new favorites.

(Also, Jesus needs some conditioner.)

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