A cashless system of blog advertising

I've been enjoying the EntreCard system for a few weeks of blog advertising. You will see it on my sidebar underneath the feed section.

I am not opposed to advertising because I consider it to be exposure. However, I like to choose what to advertise, so this system intrigued me by granting me free exposure because it is a cashless system.

It's free exposure because the site uses its own credit system. People will pay credits based on how long the wait is to advertize for one day. I choose which ones to run, and I've rejected several of them that were not the right fit. Then, with the credits you get, you can run ads for a day on other people's sites in the same way! It sounds like it takes a lot to get off the ground, but I got hits and a waiting list within 12 hours...pretty chummy people!

There's a few reasons why it may be useful to you:

  • It has a Religion/Spirituality section that I've gotten lots of drops from (link)
  • You can add multiple blogs to one account with their "add a blog" feature (link)
  • You can get started with their free eBook....I skimmed it and it was pretty good (link)
Anywho, here's my page there. Check out the free eBook for more info, and drop me your card if you choose to try it out! Or leave a comment here if you need help on how to integrate it into your blogger account.


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