Saturday Shoutout: Anyone else LOST?

Anyone else a LOST junkie? I was encouraged to watch it by a parishioner who said I would find lots of spiritual struggle and sermon illustrations. My partner and I are still addicted and had much satisfaction from Thursday's season finale.

Apparently T.L. Steinwert is a junkie too...her sermon on Sunday is entitled "LOST and Found: Lessons from the Prodigal One and the TV Series LOST" I almost peed my pants! (TMI, I know)

However, this season its been the Science of the show that I've been most interested in. With the season finale done, it apparently opened the quantum theory doors in this interesting article (link) Of course, I have to polish my lapel and say I thought back in Season Two that the island moved...even though apparently due to didn't.

So, any other LOST junkies that read the Lostpedia every other week? Any other sermons or sermon illustrations that you find compelling? And what are you gonna be doing with your time for the next 8 months?


blake May 31, 2008 at 9:23 PM  

i'm pretty new to the show. actually this season is the first i've watched all the way through and i'm pretty, well, lost i guess. i've watched the "lost in 8:15" thing on youtube but i'm still confused on some things. i think i may try and rent the previous seasons this summer and get caught up.

anyway, i didn't know about lostpedia until now. thanks for that as well as the article. here's another site i've been perusing as of late. pretty interesting.

Rev. Jeremy Smith May 31, 2008 at 9:53 PM  

That's what my spouse and I did...we netflixed the seasons and watched them...sometimes two episodes a night when it was just too much to only do one.

The video was pretty good too...but for a newbie like you, Blake, this one "LOST in 60 Seconds" was much better.

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