WikiChurch: Childrens and Youth Ministry Update

A week ago I announced on this blog that I had a new pastoral appointment in the area of children's and youth ministry.  I'm doing a WikiChurch approach to this new thing: getting feedback and ideas from anyone and everyone and collecting the responses in a google form.  I sent out about 120 facebook messages and got 21 responses on the form and about 25 facebook messages with words of wisdom or resources.  Not a bad return!

I asked for two things: resources and words of wisdom.  And holy carp, the words of wisdom are deep and huuuugely meaningful.  I'm still wading through them.  But here's an update of what resources have been suggested (I'm melding youth and children's ministries on this initial list):

Arts & crafts:

  1. Playdough
  2. Fingerpaints 
  3. youth-created poetry and prose
  1. Claim the Name [Confirmation]
  2. Seasons of the Spirit [lectionary-based]
  3. akaloo [Lutheran]
  4. Catechesis of the Good Shepherd [UM's equivalent is Godly Play]
  5. Your suggestion?  Add it here: Google Form
  1. Contemplative Youth Ministry: Practicing the Presence of Jesus (Mark Yaconelli)
  2. The Godbearing Life: The Art of Soul Tending for Youth Ministry (Kenda Creasy Dean)
  3. Postmodern Youth Ministry (Tony Jones)
  4. Mission Trips That Matter (Don C. Richter)
  5. Godly Play (Jeroma Berryman)
  6. Sustainable Youth Ministry (Mark Devries)
  7. Double Close: The Young Child's Knowledge of God (Catherine Maresca)
  8. Joining Children on the Spiritual Journey (Catherine Stonehouse)
  9. Sex God (Rob Bell)
  10. Your suggestion?  Add it here: Google Form
Web Media:
  1. Rob Bell's NOOMA videos [submitters note: even with questionable theology, they are great conversation starters for youth]
  3. Your suggestion?  Add it here: Google Form
Web Communities
  6. Your suggestion?  Add it here: Google Form
Whew! Thanks to everyone who has responded. Keep on suggesting and if you have contacts with feedback, send them to this form.


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