The Pope's Mary Magdalene FAIL

This is just terrible. The Pope has a new children's book about Jesus and his 14 closest friends. It's pretty awesome that the Pope has commissioned a children's book, first time ever they think.  And in case you were wondering, here's the 14 people who were deemed Jesus' SuperFriends (h/t The Episcopal Cafe)
Peter, his brother Andrew, James the older, John, Thomas, Matthew, Philip, Bartholomew, James the younger, Simon, Judas Thaddeus, Judas Iscariot, Matthias and Paul.
Notice anything?  Yep...NO WOMEN. No Mary Magdalene, no Mary & Martha, no early house church patronesses. Heck, Paul made the list and he wasn't even around in the "Jesus of Nazareth" days. But no Mary who was the first person in Matthew, Mark, and Luke's gospel to see/know of Jesus' Resurrection.

The worst part, though? Irony served cold:
The book went on sale on July 22, the Feast of Mary Magdalene.


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