Self-Justification Saturday

You'll be happy to know that I can justify my video game skills as helpful to pastoral ministry:
  1. Violent Video Games = cool under pressure in meeting.  It appears that playing violent video games reduces hostility.  So that's how I can handle contentious meetings...I can thank being #2 in the world (quarterly) playing Unreal Tournament 2.  Good to know!
  2. Team-based games = lack of complacency in ministry.  It appears that youngsters who play World of Warcraft have better team-building and goal-oriented skills than others.  While I was too far into ministry to have a WoW account or participate in any MMORPGs, there's plenty of team-based games under my belt.
  3. If you jump-punch a brick, coins will come out! (of your wallet to the Emergency Room...but still) (kidding)
How about you? If you are a gamer, what did you learn that helps in your ministry or vocation? 


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